Knowledge Hub Section

This is an interactive resource centre, which gathers useful information for Vocational Education and Training teachers and professionals from companies who seek for knowledge and inspiration on zero waste and circular economy. Here, you will find scientific and “grey” literature, standards and legislation, books, good practices, case studies, presentations, videos, software, methods, tools and other relevant resources.

Online Training Section

The EduZWaCE VET Online Course is designed for 2 focus groups: EduZWaCE Manager (VET Teachers & company professionals) and EduZWaCE Technician (VET Teachers, technicians and reuse/repair centres workers). The two courses are available in 10 languages, each of 5 learning units and provides an introductory video, a training manual, related audi0visual materials, and the final assessment questionnaire. You are invited to go through this great learning experience with us!

Collaborative Section

The Collaborative Section is meant to inspire professionals from companies, enable them to connect, collaborate and co-create circular economy solutions. For doing so, you are invited to experiment the Diagnosis Tool, exchange your contact with your peers through the “B2B Contact section” and discuss your ideas in the “Forum Section”

Partners Section

The Partners Section is meant for the partners in the EduZWaCE project, where they can collaborate and advance the aims of the project.