Intellectual Output 1

Knowledge Hub supports the development of interdisciplinary skills needed for new jobs in this area. It is an interactive online resource centre, gathering selected information for enabling circular projects and ideas to be used and applied as inspiration coming from existing best cases and success stories.

VET teachers, professionals from companies and other users will have access to this open education resource, with tailored information in a structure that will allow further enclosure by all partners of new released information, which is continuously being developed in the area of ZW&CE.

The taxonomy of the Knowledge Hub, based on best practice, includes relevant contents about CE, waste and ZW concept, critical raw materials, circular design, etc., available in scientific and “grey” literature, standards and legislation, books, good practices, case studies, presentations, videos, software, methods, tools and other relevant resources. It has a user-friendly structure and functionalities, and due to its concept and architecture it is easily transferable to other educational systems and topics.