Intellectual Output 3

The ZW&CE on-line course targets two jobs: the Manager, and the Technician/Worker. EduZWaCE project aims to “create certification framework for two job profiles- EduZWaCE Skill Card Sets designed to enable further ECVET certification of the course, to illustrate the skills and competences required to fulfill ZW&CE Manager and ZW&CE Worker profiles”. In this sense the idea of ECVET system is interpreted in the development of the project and the courses specifically.
ZW&CE Manager is a professional able to asses resource use, waste generation, products lifecycles, and develop, implement and monitor CE projects in a company. He/she should be able to perform systems evaluation by identifying its indicators and actions needed to improve or correct performance, relative to the goals of the system, monitor organization performance in material resource/waste management, and propose improvements or take corrective action. Manager’s tasks would be to assess resource consumption and waste generation, develop material and waste balances in the company, assess root causes of materials inefficiencies and wastes, generate, evaluate and implement waste reduction options, evaluate companies’ products and propose ways to greening them, perform circularity assessment in a company, propose circular solutions for products, operations and services, and propose/evaluate new circular business models. Considering that companies are acting within a value chain, the networking and cooperation with actors from the value chain is a must.

Entry requirements are corresponding to the EQF level 5 completed by the interest in acquiring specialized knowledge in ZW&CE. It requires at least one year work experience in resource and waste management, production operations, specialised factual and theoretical knowledge within the field of waste and resource management and specific production operations.

As for learning outcomes, the individual shall demonstrate mastery of acquired learning outcomes in accordance with certain performance criteria and context conditions. Five learning units are being developed: 1) Introduction to CE, 2) Material and resource efficiency, 3) Circular design, 4) Value creation in CE, Circular business models, and 5) Self-assessment and co-creation of circular solutions.

EduZWaCE Worker course is designed for technicians and workers from reuse, repair and recycling centres who are interested in acquiring knowledge and new skills in the field of reuse and CE.

Considering the fact that CDW is the largest waste stream in the EU in volume (EPRS, 2015), the main focus of this EduZWaCE training programme is on the CD sector.

This qualified worker carries out an assessment of reusable CDW streams prior to demolition and renovation of buildings. The aim is to facilitate and maximize recovery of materials and components from demolition or renovation of buildings and infrastructures for beneficial reuse, without compromising the safety measures and practices. In the EU context, this task can be performed by trained workers within the reuse parks and recycling and waste collection centres as well as construction or demolition companies.

By the end of the course, participants should be familiar with different types of reusable CD materials as well as dismantling and material recovery techniques. The course will combine theory with practical examples and assignments. It will be divided in five learning units: 1) Introduction, 2) Furniture, 3) Construction elements, 4) Electric equipment in buildings, and 5) Conduction of an assessment of reusable CD materials

The requirement for entering the course is completed Level 2 of the EQF.