Intellectual Output 4

The ZW&CE Diagnosis strongly requires the inputs from target groups. The tool will be used by participants to assess situation in their companies in relation with circularity and to investigate internal and external opportunities for ZW&CE in companies. The first step in approaching circularity is a deep understanding of the existing materials and waste flows, of the resource productivity and waste generation rate.

The internal opportunities are addressed based on the following elements:

  • Level of integration of CE objectives into the core business strategy
  • Key materials of concern, risks and opportunities, and waste flows, including the real cost of materials and waste
  • Actions implemented so far towards circularity
  • Benchmarking, progress of circularity; Key Performance Indicators; preferred business model compatible with CE system.

The external opportunities section will deal with:

  • Identification of partners from the value chains or other type of partner for collaboration
  • Circularity roadmap and context
  • Synergies with partners, business from the value chain, other stakeholders and co-creation of solutions for CE.

The tool is innovative because it provides a structured platform for self-assessments and processes the results, indicating in the same time several circular opportunities to be further developed by the companies.