The primary goal of EduZWaCE Strategic Partnerships is to support collaboration, the exchange of information and good practices, enabling stakeholders to deepen and spread out knowledge, develop and reinforce networks, increase their capacity to operate at transnational level, and share and confront ideas, practices and methods. The project will produce tangible outputs and disseminate results of activities in the partner countries and the whole EU.

The project aims to fill a gap in VET programmes dealing with CE and build up a common approach for VET teachers and learners across EU to respond to the requirements of the future and flexible job market.

The project will focus on the following specific objectives:
1) Develop partnerships amongst educators, businesses and stakeholders with the purpose of supporting VET learners in acquiring and developing skills and key competences in CE and foster employability
2) Facilitate recognition and validation of competences for new jobs: the ZW&CE Manager and the ZW&CE Technician, by building two Skill Card Sets, structured in accordance with the standards and designed based on the ECVET requirements.
3) Make education in ZW&CE available for all, by setting the EduZWaCE as an Open Education Resource (OER), by building an innovative course program, based on partnership collaboration and consultations with target groups in all partner's countries.